stories..glad if anyone could share?

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stories..glad if anyone could share? Empty stories..glad if anyone could share?

Post  teckkuan on Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:35 am

hey guys any stories to share? those that you urself encountered or perhaps heard from some one from your colleagues?

anyway i heard some stories regarding geylang npc which i guess afang is in..
The simplified short story goes like colleages, afew of them were from charlie div(years ago) geylang NPC. They told me the maintainance room over there is "dirty"..not that bcos there is no cleaners ok XD
One night, my colleage namely "bai" (shortcut) was doing his duty alone...he went to the maintance room and have to check the matra set which is placed at the side of the room..He counted the sets and there was few sets missing..after that, he was told by his colleague to go out of the room, then slowly go back in..and "dang" the sets were back there again..
The armoury was a big room, with cabinets at the side day, bai went to check the armoury(routine check by tl/dtl), he was with the armourer and everything was fine..nothing happened..Just when he finish checking the things and he spoke to himself "Nothing happened?", there was a loud BANG heard(not gun shots) thou..its the door which is very heavy, closed by itself..bai and the armourer quickly without delay ran out of the armoury XD

The place was said by the orang lamas to be very "eerie" after certain hours..not sure the exact time..but i guess if any of u guys had colleagues from charlie div geylang npc can ask?

the most most most dirty place in geylang npc is the last, corner cell.
What I heard from my colleague "bai" is that the cell is super ultra dirty! if got any guai lan accuse or wat they will place him inside tat cell..within an hour the accuse will be super quiet or will kp begging to change cell..he mentioned that the accuse if super quiet, will be staring at the ceiling..(not one but a few of the accused staring)
When they do routine check, they will like browse through the cells one by one and when they are about to reach the last cell, they will just turn very fast without really looking into the last cell and go away quickly..
I guess it is a very interesting place but i think that its better not to be posted there to do lock up =X

if got any stories regarding this geylang npc pls update!!

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